Blood of the Dragon

蒼の竜血 [ao no ryuuchi] or 'blue dragon blood' in Japanese.

A Realm Reborn


Type: Dragoon Ability
Learn: DRG54 (quest), Use: DRG
Cast time: (instant), Recast: 60 s, Duration: 15 s (buff), 10 s (abilities)
Potency: -, Range: 0, Radius: 0
Description: Increases potency of Jump and Spineshatter Dive by 30%. Additional effect: Grants Sharper Fang and Claw or Enhanced Wheeling Thrust when completing a combo with Chaos Thrust or Full Thrust. Additional effects end upon reuse or upon using a weaponskill other than Fang and Claw or Wheeling Thrust

Category: Ability

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