There are two different Japanese abilities that are both translated as 'Bladestorm' in English. The first is メッタ切り [metta kiri] or 'careless cut' in Japanese. The second is エアロガブラスト [aeroga blast]. These two are completely different abilities. Note also the second's connection to the spell Aeroga.

Final Fantasy XIII-2

Type: Physical, ATB Cost: 4
Target: Enemy, Element: Wind, Power: x0.58 / x4.0, Fluctuation Margin: 4%
Chain Bonus Raise: 0.5, Time Extension: 3.0 / 0.9 s
Launch Height: - / 5, Cut Rate: 25, Keep Rate: 25
Learn: Shaman lv 7
Effect: Deals Wind element damage to the enemy and deals Wound damage in proportion to the damage done. Launches the enemy for a long time with a tornado that starts 1 second after the attack
Other: when two options are provided for any data, the first is the attack done with the physical attack, the second the attack done by a tornado. Note that the tornado attacks 19 times
Other: Chain Bonus raise is 1.0 / 1.25 when enemy is staggered
Other: エアロガブラスト in Japanese

Crystal Chronicles

Effect: attack power 15 (x5), Type: Move
Range: 55
Use: Lilty / Longinus
Other: メッタ切り in Japanese

Category: Ability

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