Black Hole (Ability)

ブラックホール [black hole] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy III

Target: single, Element: -, Power: -
Use: randomly activated when using Terrain in city areas such as Saronia and Eureka
Effect: a world-destroying force consumes the enemy

Final Fantasy XIII-2

Type: Feral Link
Monster: Meonekton
Effect: Deprotect
Combo: mash X


Type: Artillery Skill, Equip Load: 30, AP Cost: 140
Target: ?, Power: 30, Element: 100 Dark
Cast time: ?, Recast: 8 sec
Learn: 3,000 CP, Specialty: Machinist
Unlock: learn Fortify, reach main quest ★★★★★★ level
Description: Creates a black hole that hits multiple times for physical Dark element damage. Can be charged by holding the button. Power rises when charge is complete

Airborne Brigade


Type: INT, Element: -, Growth: Slow, Cost: 33
Attack: 12,290 (lv1), 39,203 (lv200), ? (lv220), ? (lv240), ? (lv260), ? (lv280)
Defense: 12,330 (lv1), 38,737 (lv200), ? (lv220), ? (lv240), ? (lv260), ? (lv280)
Obtain: event: Saronia Castle Mysteries


Type: Premium Skill (Job Change! (Ingus) result)
Target: single, Element: Magical, Power: 2,300
Other: is randomly activated by Job Change! (Ingus type). May cast Death

Record Keeper


Type: Soul Break, Rarity: -
Target: single, Element: -, Gauge cost: 1 bar
Learn: Exdeath (default)
Effect: Deals a non-elemental magical attack on a single enemy

Category: Ability

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