オートリフレシュ [auto refresh] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy XI

Type: Job Trait
Description: Gradually restores MP
Other: trait does not stack
Other: the Blue Magic spells that give trait points for this ability are Stinking Gas (1), Frightful Roar (2), Self-Destruct (2), Cold Wave (1), Light of Penance (2), Voracious Trunk (3), Actinic Burst (4), Plasma Charge (4) and Winds of Promyvion (4). Note that despite the multitudes of spells that give points for this trait, BLU can only get the first tier

Auto Refresh I
Learn at: SMN25, PLD35, BLU58+
Other: restores 1 MP per tic
Other: to get this ability on BLU, set appropriate Blue Magic spells worth 8 trait points

Auto Refresh II
Learn at: SMN90
Other: restores 2 MP per tic

Final Fantasy XIV


Type: Passive Ability
Learn at: CNJ20, THM20, Equip: CNJ, THM
Description: Gradually regenerates MP

Category: Ability

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