Attacks of FFT0






Special Attacks

Note that the below abilities only include the abilities of the characters, not of the eidolons.

Active Abilities

Adjacent Attack
Area Burst
Arrow Shower
Aspir Field
Aspir Venom
Aspir Whip
Assault Mode
Attack Deck
Backhand Blow
Black Hole
Black Requiem
Blaze Shot
Bondage Whip
Boomerang Dagger
Charge Attack
Charge Shot
Close-Range Firing
Concerto Fortesimo
Cross Judge
Dagger Shot
Dark Nebula
Dark Nemesis
Dark Zone
Deck Open
Dissonant Sonata
Drain Sword
Drain Whip
Dynamite Arrow
Earth Impulse
Elemental Shot
Elemental Whip
Endless Waltz
Energy Bomb
Energy Combo
Exploding Fist
Explosion Shot
Forward Attack
Freeze Shot
Freezing Shot
Full Swing
Grand Trine
Head Strike
High Jump
Hit & Shield
Illusion Dance
Issen Toppa
Kick Attack
Land Mine Shot
Laser Cannon
Last Rites
Last Stand
Life Deck
Lightning Shot
Lightning Speed
Light Speed Fist
Mace Cyclone
Mace Hurricane
Magazine Bomb
Magic Satellite
Meikyo Shisui
Movement Attack
Mujobeni Fubuki
Never Give Up
Please Don't Die
Poison Shot
Poison Wall
Powered Barret
Psycho Vortex
Range Attack
Reflect Guard
Reload Shot
Retreat Attack
Revenge Blast
Risk Punch
Rush Attack
Safety Guard
Share Energy
Slow Lancer
Snipe Mode
Spin Drive
Spiral Lance
Spirit Deck
Sound Cluster Deployment
Stop Shot
Strike Lancer
Strong Finish
Stun Blade
Style of Gales
Style of Raging Fire
Style of Thunderclaps
Support Deck
Sword Field
Tachi Ichi
Teleport Card
Trap Card
Weak Finish
Weak Shot
White Serenade

Passive Abilities

Absorb Malice
Absorb Malice+
Adjacent Attack Lv 2
Arrow Shower AG Consumption Down
Arrow Shower Power Increase
Aspir Field AG Consumption Down
Aspir Field Power Increase
Aspir Venom Range Extension
Aspir Venom Time Extension
Aspir Whip Power Increase
Assault Mode AG Consumption Down
Assault Mode Guard
Assault Mode Power Increase
Back Attack
Black Hole AG Consumption Down
Blaze Shot Power Increase
Bondage Whip AG Consumption Down
Bondage Whip Time Extension
Boomerang Dagger AG Consumption Down
Cancel Action
Cancel Magic
Cancel Magic Type 0
Cancel Magic Type 1
Cancel Magic Type 2
Cancel Magic Type 3
Catch Additional Effect
Catch AG Consumption Down
Cff AG Consumption Down
Charge Attack Lv 2
Charge Attack Lv 3
Charge Lv 1
Charge Lv 2
Charge Lv 3
Charge Shot Lv 4
Charge Shot Lv 5
Charge Shot Max Level
Concentration Effect Increase
Concentration Time Extension
Concerto AG Consumption Down
Concerto Guard
Convert AG Consumption Down
Cross Judge AG Consumption Down
Cross Judge Power Increase
Cross Judge Recovery Increase
Dagger Shot Power Increase
Dark Nebula Additional Effect
Dark Nebula AG Consumption Down
Darkside Target Increase
Dark Zone Additional Effect
Dark Zone AG Consumption Down
Dash AG Consumption Down
Dodge Cancel
Dodge Guard
Drain Sword AG Consumption Down
Drain Sword Power Increase
Drain Whip Power Increase
Dynamite Arrow AG Consumption Down
Dynamite Arrow Power Increase
Earth Impulse Effect Increase
Earthquake Effect Increase
Earthquake Effect Increase+
Earthquake Guard
Elemental Whip Fire
Elemental Whip Fire Power Increase
Elemental Whip Ice
Elemental Whip Ice Power Increase
Elemental Whip Lightning
Elemental Whip Lightning Power Increase
Endless Waltz AG Consumption Down
Energy Bomb Power Increase
Energy Combo AG Consumption Down
Energy Combo Power Increase
Exploding Fist Guard
Exploding Fist Power Increase
Forsake AG Consumption Down
Forsake Power Increase
Forward Attack Lv2
Forward Attack Lv3
Freeze Shot AG Consumption Down
Freeze Shot Time Extension
Full Swing+
Full Swing Sink
Full Swing Sink+
Ga-Group Cancel Magic
High Jump Power Increase
High Jump Power Increase+
Hit & Shield AG Consumption Down
Hit & Shield Power Increase
Hit & Shield Time Extension
Head Strike Power Increase
Howl AG Consumption Down
Howl Time Extension
Illusion Dance AG Consumption Down
Infinite Dodge
Intensify Absorb Malice
Intensify Absorb Malice+
Intensify Common Attack
Intensify Common Attack+
Intensify Common Attack++
Intensify Crescendo
Intensify Cross Judge
Intensify Darkside
Intensify Energy Bomb
Intensify Energy Combo
Intensify Explosion Shot
Intensify Forsake
Intensify Freezing Shot
Intensify Jump
Intensify Laser Cannon
Intensify Lightning Speed
Intensify Mace Hurricane
Intensify Meditate
Intensify Normal Firing
Intensify Performance
Intensify Performance+
Intensify Powered Barret
Intensify Quickdraw
Intensify Revenge Blast
Intensify Share Energy
Intensify Slow Lancer
Intensify Sound Cluster Deployment
Intensify Spin Drive
Intensify Spin Drive+
Intensify Teleport Card
Issen Toppa AG Consumption Down
Issen Toppa Effect Increase
Issen Toppa Power Increase
Jump AG Consumption Down
Jump Power Increase
Land Mine Shot AG Consumption Down
Land Mine Shot Power Increase
Laser Cannon AG Consumption Down
Laser Cannon Time Extension
Last Rites AG Consumption Down
Last Stand AG Consumption Down
Lightning Shot Power Increase
Lightning Speed AG Consumption Down
Light Speed Fist+
Light Speed Fist++
Mace Cyclone Guard
Magazine Bomb AG Consumption Down
Magazine Bomb Power Increase
Magazine Size Increase
Magazine Size Increase+
Magic Satellite AG Consumption Down
Magic Satellite Power Increase
Magic Satellite Speed Increase
Meikyo Shisui AG Consumption Down
Meikyo Shisui Effect Increase
Meikyo Shisui Power Increase
Movement Attack Lv2
Mujobeni Fubuki AG Consumption Down
Mujobeni Fubuki Power Increase
Mujobeni Fubuki Power Increase+
Never Give Up AG Consumption Down
Never Give Up Time Extension
Please Don't Die AG Consumption Down
Poison Shot AG Consumption Down
Poison Shot Time Extension
Poison Wall AG Consumption Down
Powered Barret AG Consumption Down
Psycho Vortex AG Consumption Down
Psycho Vortex Power Increase
Psycho Vortex Time Extension
Quickdraw AG Consumption Down
Ra-Group Cancel Magic
Range Attack Lv2
Range Attack Lv3
Reflect Guard AG Consumption Down
Reflect Guard Power Increase
Requiem AG Consumption Down
Requiem Guard
Requiem Power Increase
Retreat Attack Lv2
Rush Attack Lv2
Safety Guard AG Consumption Down
Serenade AG Consumption Down
Serenade Guard
Serenade Recovery Increase
Share Energy Guard
Snipe Mode AG Consumption Down
Sonata AG Consumption Down
Sonata Guard
Sonata Power Increase
Special Dodge
Speed Up
Spin Drive AG Consumption Down
Spin Drive Power Increase
Spin Drive Power Increase+
Spiral Lance AG Consumption Down
Stop Shot AG Consumption Down
Stop Shot Time Extension
Strike Lancer Power Increase
Stun Blade AG Consumption Down
Stun Blade Effect Increase
Stun Finish
Style of Gales+
Style of Gales++
Style of Raging Fire+
Style of Raging Fire++
Style of Thunderclaps+
Style of Thunderclaps++
Sword Field AG Consumption Down
Teleport Card AG Consumption Down
Teleport Card Power Increase
Three-fold Dodge
Trap Card+
Trap Card AG Consumption Down
Tri-Laser AG Consumption Down
Twin Magic
Weak Shot AG Consumption Down
Weak Shot Effect Increase
Yell AG Consumption Down
Yell Effect Increase

Trinity Attacks

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