Attacks of FFCCET


Gem Abilities

Anti-Burn Boost
Anti-Burn Grow
Anti-Dark Boost
Anti-Dark Grow
Anti-Frost Boost
Anti-Frost Grow
Anti-Stun Boost
Anti-Stun Grow
Anti-Time Boost
Anti-Time Grow
Anti-Zap Boost
Anti-Zap Grow
Arm Boost
ATK Boost
ATK Grow
Azure Essence
Black Mage Wisdom
Body Boost
Character No Grow
Crimson Essence
Dark Grow
DEF Boost
DEF Grow
Dragoon Lore
Equipment No Grow
Fast Charge
Fire Grow
Focus Boost
Fruit Boost
Gold Essence
HP Absorb Attack
HP Absorb Defense
HP Boost
HP Grow
Ice Grow
Jade Essence
Lady Luck
MATK Boost
MDEF Boost
Monk Wisdom
MP Absorb Attack
MP Absorb Defense
MP Boost
MP Grow
Ninja Lore
Overboost Equipment
Red Mage Wisdom
Ring Root
Ring Speed
Sable Essence
Sage Wisdom
Samurai Lore
Scholar Wisdom
Silver Essence
Smart Riches
Smart Valor
Spacetime Grow
Stompee's Revenge
Stun Grow
Thunder Grow
Tribal Secrets
Veggie Might
Violet Essence
White Mage Wisdom

Special Abilities

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