調べる / しらべる [shiraberu] or 'study' in Japanese.

Final Fantasy IV

Usable by: Cid Pollendina, others (DS version only)
Learn: initial ability on Cid
Obtain (DS version): obtain the Augment from Cid in Dwarven Castle after he modifies Falcon for you
Effect: Displays the enemy's HP and weaknesses


Type: Bow Skill, Equip Load: 30, AP Cost: 120
Target: line in front of the user, Power: 50, Element: -
Cast time: ?, Recast: 7 sec
Learn: 5,000 CP, Specialty: Ranger
Unlock: learn Chaff Blast, reach main quest ★★★★ level
Description: Attacks enemies with an arrow that lowers all their elemental resistances. Inflicts inability to evade
Other: アナライズ [analyze] in Japanese, which makes it a different ability from the others on this page

Category: Ability

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