Allegro Con Moto

アレグロコンモート [allegro con moto] in Japanese. It is a musical term that means 'fast with motion'.

Record Keeper


Type: Bard, Rarity: ★★★★★★, Uses: 2-10
Target: all allies, Element: -
Use: Tyro, Cait Sith, Gilbart, Sarah
Generate: use a total of Bard Fragment 5 x15 on an Allegro Con Moto's Sphere
Hone (lv2): Crystallized White x12, Crystallized Holy x12, Crystallized Earth x20, 400,000 gil
Hone (lv3): Crystallized White x18, Crystallized Holy x18, Crystallized Earth x30, 1,200,000 gil
Hone (lv4): Crystallized White x30, Crystallized Holy x30, Crystallized Earth x50, 2,000,000 gil
Hone (lv5): Crystallized White x60, Crystallized Holy x60, Crystallized Earth x100, 4,000,000 gil
Description: Decreases the cast time of attack magic for all allies for the next 3 turns

Category: Ability

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