Abilities of Pictlogica

This page lists the various abilities available in Pictlogica. Note that both regular spells and summons are item-specific abilities (you need to equip the scroll or summon stone to have the ability available).
Job skills are available to grade III job Memoria as well as premium/event Memoria you've Skill Fused the ability onto. Premium Skills can be unlocked with a Memoria Prime on any applicable premium/event Memoria.

Leader Skills are character-specific and only found on premium/event Memoria. Note that since they don't have proper ability names (only certain phrases associated with them), they haven't been listed here and can instead be found on the Memoria pages.


White Magic

Black Magic


Job Skills

Dance Results

Blade Dance
Drain Samba
Frailty Polka

Mix Results

Bacchus's Cider
Dragon Power
Protect Potion
Succubus Kiss

Slots Results

All Over
Down All
Lucky Girl
Mog Dance
Mysidian Rabbit
Prismatic Flash
Toy Soldier

Throw Results

Chef's Knife
Molotov Cocktail

Premium Skills

Auto Crossbow (Edgar)
Auto-Potion (Steiner)
Awaken (Ceodore)
Blaze Rush (FF13 Lightning)
Blitz (Sabin)
Boko (Bartz)
Burning Rave (Zell)
Chakra (Amarant)
Chivalry (Curilla)
Cry (Porom)
Dagger Boomerang (Rem)
Dancing Edge (Thancred)
Desperado (Laguna)
Dolphin Blow (Tifa)
Double Jump (Kain)
Dynamite (FF7 Cid)
Energy Rain (Tidus)
Enfire (Sazh)
Final Dance (FF10-2 Yuna)
Flare (Garland)
Flee (Zidane)
Forest Nocturne (Mog)
Fulminating Oblivion (Gabranth)
Galian Beast (Vincent)
Gauntlet (Cissnei)
Heaven's Wrath (Ashe)
Heavy Fogga (Nabaat)
Hiryu (Lenna)
Holy 16 (Minwu)
Holy White Magic Cura (Beatrix)
Intercession (Penelo)
Job Change! (Ingus, Luneth, Refia)
Judgment Blade (Agrias)
Judgment Grimoire (Tyro)
Last Stand (Eight)
Lifesiphon (Noel)
Lord of Arms (Firion)
Mighty Guard (Kimahri)
Mirage Dive (Locke)
No Mercy (Seifer)
Northswain's Strike (Delita)
Nullifying Dropkick (Prishe)
Paladin Force (Paladin Cecil)
Plunder Gil (Marche)
Power Eraser (Rikku)
Pray (Rosa)
Pulse of Life (Aerith)
Raijin Special (Raijin)
Rockbreaker (Yda)
Rough Divide (Squall)
Runic (Celes)
Shield of Light (Warrior of Light)
Siphon Sword (Machina)
Sister Ray (Rufus)
Six Dragons (Freya)
Smite (Fang)
Soul Voice (Sarah)
Sparkstrike (FF13LR Lightning)
Stoneraskin (Y'shtola)
Syldra (Faris)
Technical Cancel (Shelke)
Thunder 16 (Leila)
Tides of Fate (Balthier)
Trance (Terra)
Turks Beam (Reno)
Vendetta (Snow)

Forest Nocturne Results

Forest Healing
Leaf Swirl
Will o' the Wisp

Galian Beast Results

Beast Flare
Berserk Dance

Job Change (Ingus) Results

Black Hole

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